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Thank You!

"Most people who contemplate suicide don't actually want to be dead. They just don't want to go on if life is going to be hell!"
Prepare for your "Dark Place" because it's not your "Happy Place" that's going to take you out!

Army Trained

Dr. Doss tracked an 89% reduction in completed suicides at his last command. He later received the Civilian Medal of Service for his work with Soldiers.

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Soldier Approved

Richard teaches Soldiers how to fight the Kryptonite that is most likely to take them out. Learn what Kryptonite looks like so you recognize it when you see it.

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Dr. Doss makes "Death by Powerpoint" a thing of the past. Often invited because people like him, he is invited back because he's good. Richard has a sense of humor that makes Soldiers feel comfortable talking.

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